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Weight loss for singles

June 25, 2017

If you think it’s hard to lose weight because you live with one or more people who don’t need to lose weight, try losing weight when you live by yourself.

It’s true you won’t have the challenges of people bringing tempting food into the house and it’s true you don’t have anybody intentionally or unintentionally sabotaging you. Losing weight when you live by yourself should be easy, right? Wrong. That’s the mistake people make when it comes to losing weight.

They think that their particular set of circumstances make weight loss hard for them, but everybody else has a situation that makes weight loss easier. Weight loss isn’t easy for most people under any and all circumstances. Each presents advantages and disadvantages.

I’ve already discussed the obvious advantages of losing weight when you live alone, but don’t be fooled, there’s plenty of disadvantages. Here are some big ones:

  1. Don’t want to cook for just yourself
    • getting more takeout
    • more dining out
    • in lieu of meals more snacking, unaccounted for calories and unbalanced nutrition
  2. Tend to eat more when eating alone (cook too much)
  3. Emotional eating, especially boredom
  4. Sedentary behavior
  5. Lack of accountability/ nobody is watching

The above list of 5 challenges represent some of the most difficult challenges anybody who wants to lose weight must overcome. When you live alone you need creative solutions.

Relying on frozen diet entrees or a weight loss program that ships your meals and snacks to you is a quick and easy solution, but possibly not one that works for you. It may not fit into your budget. Some people who’ve tried that route say it’s boring, sometimes not very tasty, and too often not tasty (totally disgusting) at all. Others say the food tastes very good but the portions are so small that they are left completely unsatisfied.

If you don’t want to cook and have already gone the prepared diet meals route, dining out can work for you if you take the right approach. Dining out can even work extremely well because you can eat a meal there, and in most cases have enough to take home for another meal.

If you find yourself eating for emotional reasons which include stress and boredom address the causes of what’s making you eat. Instead of trying to control the eating behavior, seek to find ways to change the underlying causes. What can you do to lower stress levels? What can you do to avoid getting bored?

Sedentary behavior and boredom can work together so that one triggers the other. Finding activities you enjoy that include moving helps alleviate both the boredom and the sedentary behavior. A dog is a great companion and gets you up and moving. If you’re not into dogs, or pets in general, or can’t have one because of where you live consider exploring hobbies or sports that interest you.

The most important thing to do if you’re serious about weight reduction is accountability. You can make excuses, and living alone gives you ample opportunities to come up with a lot of them, or you can make changes.

Weight Watchers is one way to reinforce your accountability to yourself, get ideas for ways to manage eating and getting more active, and form friendships with people who have the same goals as you. The support and camaraderie you’ll experience at weekly meetings ensures that you will not feel like you’re alone in your journey to weigh less and get healthier.


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